Cooler Master Masterfan SF120M; Double Ball Bearing; Industrial Grade Toughness; 280K Hours Lifetime; 120Mm (MFZ-B2NN-20NPK-R1)

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The all-new SF120M is Cooler Master’s Flagship Case fan designed purely with performance in mind. It utilizes Cooler Master’s Industrial Fan Structure, which decreases the flex of the fan blades while ensuring a quiet operation with maximum airflow. The Double-Ball Bearing decreases friction between the Fan and its bearings which further enhances the Fan/Blade performance ensuring a very long lifespan. The patented Damping Frame Design additionally increases the stiffness of the overall Chassis and decreases Blade-Flex which further escalates the overall performance of the SF120M.


Patented Damping Frame Design- Absorbs unwanted vibration while maintaining its Chassis stiffness to ensure maximum performance.

Double Ball-Bearings- Less friction means better performance and longevity. It will ensure quiet yet high-performance operation.

Inter-Connecting Fan Blades – An Connected frame between the Fan-Blades Increase Airflow performance, while decreasing noise and flex between the blade while it operates, this will further increase the performance of the fan.

Anti-vibration Motor and Pads– Motor equipped with a new anti-vibration structure that lowers the noise level and vibration. Rubber pads to absorb vibration for silent performance.

Improved Cable Management- Detachable fan cable that can be changed into a multi fan cable which is included

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