Rewards Program

The Romtech Rewards Program is an initiative designed to reward you, our loyal customers for your continued support of our platform.

The rewards program is structured to provide you with 1% cash back on your order total. This cash is transferred to your Romtech Rewards Wallet once your order has been completed. This cash can then be used to supplement payment of your next order. That is not all – register for an account on Romtech and you will receive R10 paid directly into your Romtech Rewards Wallet immediately, no catch, no fuss, plus it is completely free.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. A minimum spend of R100 (Including VAT) is required to qualify for the cashback reward.
  2. The reward payment is transferred to your Romtech Rewards Wallet once your order has been completed (unpaid orders do not receive rewards until paid for in full).
  3. The 1% rewards payout is calculated based on the total of your order before additional charges, including but not limited to: courier fees; value-added service fees; payment method fees; or any other fees not listed here.
  4. In order to qualify for the rewards program, you will need to register an account on Registration is free and your personal information is secured under our privacy policy which can be reviewed here.
  5. The R10 payout for first-time registration is subject to the review of your account to ensure the service is not abused as outline by point 11 of these terms and conditions.
  6. This rewards program is provided as-is and strictly for payments received via EFT; Credit or Debit Card; Mobicred or SCode. The following payment methods will not qualify for the rewards program: Cash; Bitcoin; Bank Deposit.
  7. Your Romtech Rewards Wallet balance is strictly for use on our website and is in no form or way transferable to either an external account or third party platform.
  8. Should you not use your Romtech Rewards balance within 1 year (365 days) of accumulation, your rewards balance (or the part thereof that has expired) will be forfeited.
  9. Items returned to Romtech by means of order cancellations; refund requests; failed deliveries or otherwise will equally reverse the rewards payout of such order.
  10. In instances where your rewards balance may become negative as a result of point 9. – we will not hold accountable payment for such reversed rewards to you, the customer if it is clear that this is not the result of the abuse of our services (otherwise point 11 of these terms and conditions will apply). A negative balance will, however, impact future payouts (where the rewards payout will be used to clear arrear balances).
  11. Abuse of this service, for example, but not limited to creating false accounts; creating duplicate accounts; unauthorized use of another users account; circumvention of points 9 and 10; use of fraudulent information; hacking; and or any form of abuse to the service not listed here will result in the immediate termination of your account and in extreme cases, the prosecution of all parties involved in such abuse.